Finally, a Proven Step-by-Step System For
Organizing Your Home Office

Barbara Hemphill

From: Barbara Hemphill, Organizational Expert
Raleigh, NC USA

Dear Friend,

Do You Need Help Organizing Your Home Office?

  • Are you sick of the paper clutter in your office?
  • Do you waste time looking for information you need?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed deciding what papers you should keep and what you can throw away?
  • Have managing your computers files made the problem in your home office even more overwhelming?
  • Do you often forget important dates, meetings or bills?
You can quickly solve ALL of these problems, and even more, by implementing a proven system for managing your home office. The system is so powerful it can even be applied to your personal life! You can reap the benefits of an organized home and life with a home office organizing system.

Introducing the Home Office Organization On-Demand Course

No business owner today would even consider trying to run a business without an office – a command center to handle critically important planning, scheduling, paper work and projects. This does NOT require a separate room, or even a large space in your home – just the right tools, some simple principles of organization and a customized system to suit your unique situation and personal style.

That's why I created this home office organization on-demand course. Using my 30+ years of experience, I'll teach you my step-by-step proven system for organizing your home office.

Module 1 - Creating A Productive Environment

Module 1 focuses on setting up the space that will become your home office!

  • Lesson 1 -- Determine your ideal space by identifying what you will do in your home office.
  • Lesson 2 -- Tips to help you choose furniture and other components as you plan your office space.
  • Lesson 3 -- Plan for connectivity, communications, security, as well as aesthetic considerations.
  • Lesson 4 -- “Big picture” thinking and planning as you review your Personal Assessment and learn about The Productive Environment Process TM.
  • Lesson 5 -- An introduction to the concept that “Organizing is an Art” to help you find solutions that work for you! 

Module 2 - Taming Paper In Your Home Office

Module 2 introduces key principles for a productive home office and describes the “must have” tools for setting up your home office space. Also covered: tools, techniques and best practices to help you tame the paper tiger. 

  • Lesson 1 -- The Productive Environment Principles -- and the importance of designing a system which will Save You Space, Time, Energy and Money.
  • Lesson 2 -- The Magic SixTM Essential tools and systems you will want to create and implement in your home office.
  • Lesson 3 -- The File-Act-Toss System TM and the Art of WastebasketryTM a fundamental approach you will use to process or eliminate your papers.

Module 3 - Carving Out Time

In Module 3, we explore how time management is more than just selecting a calendar. It’s most importantly about setting priorities and managing commitments. This module will introduce some of the problems, challenges and costs of not managing time effectively, as well as fundamental strategies to complete our tasks and accomplish our work:

  • Managing Commitments
  • Overcoming 5 Time Management Challenges
  • 3 Fundamental Strategies of Time Management
  • Designing Your System
  • Selecting Your Planning Tools

Module 4 - Almost Paperless

Module 4 Will Explore Ways to Reduce Paper Usage and Leverage Digital Tools.

  • Lesson 1 overviews strategies for managing email including suggestions for processing, organizing, searching and optimizing your digital “mail box”.
  • Lesson 2 explores ideas and makes suggestions for the use of digital calendars, planners and task management tools that can help you keep track of your priorities and to do’s.
  • Lesson 3 suggests concepts and tools that facilitate the creation of electronic reminder's, voice recognition tools, organizing photos, online banking and cloud computing.
  • Lesson 4 introduces first steps and considerations for reducing your dependence on paper in the pursuit of an “almost paperless” environment.

Module 5 - Maintaining Success

Module 5 Will Provide You With Next Steps and a Proven Process to Maintain Your Success

  • Lesson 1 reviews the Productive Environment Process™
  • Lesson 2 provides ten strategies to help you create and maintain new habits.
  • Lesson 3 introduces you to a Tips & Resources page which you can access again and again for new ideas, motivation and additional training. Be sure to bookmark it!

The course also includes a downloadable workbook that you can access immediately! You can take the course on your computer and even from your iPad!

I am so happy with my purchase of the Home Office for the Business of Life course. I wish this course had been available 10 years ago! The modules are easy to follow, and the workbook is very helpful. The add-on monthly coaching calls have helped me to stay on top of the work, and I have gained a lot of useful tips. My office is improving every day! Thank you Productive Environment Institute!”
Patricia C. Burnett, RN Practice Administrator, Burnett Plastic Surgery

Yes! I'm ready to learn a proven, step-by-step system for
creating and maintaining an organized home office I'll love!

I understand with my investment, I'll receive the following:

  • Home Office for the Business of LifeTM On-Demand Course complete with the 5 modules described above; that each includes detailed, step-by-step instructions of all materials covered in the module topic.
  • Downloadable Home Office for the Business of LifeTM Workbook that accompanies the on-demand course
  • Narrated Content to guide me through the course.
  • Assessments to help determine which areas I should focus on first.
  • Exercises to help me retain what I learn and get me started on setting up and managing my home office!
  • Checklists to guide me step-by-step through the process.
  • Action Sheets to help me plan my next actions.
  • Unlimited Access to the online on-demand course at anytime from my computer or iPad.
  • Full Instructions for using the course; no technical skils required! 

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