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Using a Tickler File System for School Papers

tickler-file-system-for-students As you may have noticed from previous podcasts, I am a big fan of using a tickler file system for staying organized and keeping track of important tasks.  Start the school year out right by setting up systems to manage homework, extra curricular activities and school papers.  In this week's podcast I'll be sharing tips on how useful a tickler file system can be for organizing papers related to school -- whether it's for you or for your children -- or both. Podcast Duration: 03:45 (MM:SS)

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What are some of your back-to-school tips for using a tickler system? You can leave a comment by clicking the following link: Add Comment

Podcast Transcript

Hello, I'm Barbara Hemphill. My passion is helping you accomplish your work and enjoy your life, and I'm so glad you've joined me again today!

In last week's podcast I gave some suggestions for organizing your home for going back to school, and in previous podcasts I've talked about my love for my SwiftFile tickler system -- which turned out to be especially helpful during the past three weeks as I was sitting by my mother's bedside with virtually no connectivity. At the end of each day I would get on my computer and print out what I needed to accomplish -- the "must dos" -- and put the info in the appropriate folder so nothing crucial fell through the cracks -- it was a Godsend for my peace of mind, and enabled me to truly "be" with Mom instead of thinking of what I needed to do. When she was sleeping, I knew exactly where to begin.

This week I want to talk about how useful a tickler file system can be for organizing papers related to school -- whether it's for you or for your children -- or both! Keep the tickler system in a convenient location for everyone to check. At the end of each day, check that days' folder. If there are any papers remaining, ask, "What is the NEXT action that needs to happen on this piece of paper -- and when?" Sometimes you can just toss it!

Here are 10 examples of how a tickler system could be helpful:

  1. For papers that need to be returned to school -- e.g., permission slips, school picture orders, etc. Put the paper in the file for the day BEFORE you child needs to take it to school so it can be put with the school bag.
  2. For greeting cards that need to be mailed or delivered.
  3. For invitations -- file the invitation on the day of the event so you can refer to it for information you need.
  4. If you need to purchase a gift prior to an event, place a reminder on the day you plan to purchase the gift -- whether at or store or online. Allow enough time so that if you don't get it done that day, you can move the reminder forward to another possible day.
  5. For information about school meetings that you want to read prior to the meeting or take with you to the meeting.
  6. Use it as a reminder system for developing a new habit -- or helping your child develop one.
  7. Use it for menu planning -- When my children were young, we used to choose recipes and plan menus we wanted during the upcoming week on Sunday evening. When I had an idea during the week, I put it in the Sunday folder so I would have it when we sat down to plan.
  8. For coupons for shopping with kids.
  9. For reminders for school projects -- when your child mentions something he or she needs to do, make a note so you can ask the appropriate questions.  And last, but not least:
  10. Use it for encouraging words you can share with your kids. Years ago, I remember overhearing my son say to my daughter, "I must have to do something -- there's a yellow note on my mirror!" After that, I started using the yellow notes to say "I love you" instead of just "Don't forget to take out the garbage!"

Post your comments or questions in the comments area of this episode about ways you have used a tickler system for school. Did you run into a challenge trying to use one? I especially like to hear those!

If you like this podcast and think a friend or colleague can benefit from it please share it with them using the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn buttons on the podcast page on my website." Until next week, I'm Barbara Hemphill. Thanks for listening!

Did you run into a challenge trying to use a tickler file system?  I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment by clicking the following link: Add Comment

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