My Compassion Projects

My Compassion Projects

Join me in “raising the roof” to build

Shepherd’s House Ministry

A project in Northeast India prompted by God and started by Barbara Hemphill through Global Hope India to provide housing for Leivon Canary Kom and his family, entrepreneurial education and encouragement for the community, and a meeting place for the teaching and study of the Bible.

In March of 2020, because of a comment on my social media that reads, "As a follower of Jesus, I pray that other people will feel His love through me, whether I ever speak his name, a man from India named Canary contacted me. Of course‌ I get many requests from scammers, but my heart told me that Canary's heart was pure, and we communicated regularly. He described himself as "Woodcutter, poor wage laborer, teacher for needy children & water carrier for very old people. Several weeks passed before he disclosed to me ‌he and his family were digging roots, boiling them, and drinking water to keep from feeling hungry. Because of Covid's lockdown, there was no way my husband and I could get any money to him. Of course, my friends and family were extremely concerned that I would consider doing that. Still, I felt compelled for two reasons: I lived in India for nearly five years in the '70s, so I've seen the need, and we adopted three orphans from India who are now amazing adults living in the US, and I know how God can change people's lives when we will help.

One of the first things about Canary that astounded me was his ability to speak and write English because he had shared with me that he had only two years of formal education. When I asked him how he had learned, he replied, "My grandfather told me that if I ever wanted to amount to anything, I needed to learn English, so I taught myself!"

Early in our conversation,

Canary shared that he felt called by God to be a pastor to share the love of God, but he needed training. In searching for a resource, God led me to Global Hope India, a ministry in NC that offers ministry training and business development to pastors to support themselves and their churches. We have been able to ship Bibles to Canary and his family to begin his ministry through them!

For several weeks, I could not ‌get money to Canary to buy food and supplies, but Canary assured me that my just communicating with him and his family made their life better. One day, my weather app told me their temperature was 55 degrees. When I asked him if they had enough blankets, he responded, "Mom, to tell you the truth, we have only two blankets for five people." (In his culture, it is a sign of respect to call me "mom," — and his sons call me "Granny." which warms my heart beyond my ability to explain!) On another day, when I saw it was raining, he said, "Somila is happy for the rain because it gives her water to wash clothes." I could write a book -- and one day I will — about everything I have learned -- and continue to learn -- from Canary and his family. Their tenacity amid struggles we cannot even begin to imagine continually astounds me. Their willingness to share whatever food they have, even when they don't know whether there will be more tomorrow, encourages me to keep giving regardless of the sacrifice

While living in America is stressful, our lives are luxurious compared to most people in the world. I can't help them all, but I can help one, and I hope you join me. We have embarked on a project we call Shepherd's House Ministry, a home for Canary, his wife Somila, and his four sons Matthew, Mark, Baruch, and Samuel, as well as the people God asks them to help. In addition, it will serve as a center to teach entrepreneurship to the community and‌ share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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