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Vision Accelerator

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Intentional Leadership for a New Era

During this unprecedented period in history, Barbara Hemphill challenges leaders to step into a thought-provoking approach to leadership that will enable your organization to thrive. By eliminating the physical and mental clutter that prevents results, employees can ‌accomplish their work and enjoy their lives, resulting in an unprecedented loyalty to your organization. Building on Biblical principles of leadership, Barbara helps you create a foundation for creating a vision for a future you cannot see.

Less Procrastination: More Profit, Productivity & Peace of Mind

Much has changed in managing our time storing and sharing our information, communicating with others, and running our organizations since Barbara wrote the bestselling book Taming the Paper Tiger four decades ago. However, her passion for helping professionals grow and operate their businesses without disorganization and overwhelm is more vital than ever! This presentation will provide real-world strategies to be consistent, confident, and in control so you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life, and enable others to do the same.

Taming the Digital Tiger: Creating a Productive Environment in the Cloud

An international survey of 5000 office professionals found that 69% would change jobs solely for the sake of dramatically less paperwork. Eighty percent of organizations failed to develop paper filing systems that could be shared. Then came Bill Gates, and companies stopped paying ANY attention to paper files because of the “paperless promise.” Unfortunately, in many organizations the people who should be the champions of paperless are over 40 years old and struggle with the transition themselves. This presentation addresses The Seven Information Managements Questions necessary to develop systems for storing, sharing, and purging paper and electronic information so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

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